Easiest and Hardest Places to Live in America

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Why An Ebola Flight Ban Won’t Work

A great piece on FiveThirtyEight.com by Nate Silver reasoning that a flight ban — popular with many Americans — to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus won’t work.


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Under Obama, Deficit Reduced by Two-Thirds

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A Third in U.S. Motivated for 2014 Elections – Gallup

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I’m Not Paranoid

From the October 14 Washington Post article, “Whites Are More Supportive of Voter ID Laws When Shown Pictures of Black People Voting.”

Sixty-seven percent of white Americans support voter ID laws, according to a new University of Delaware study of 1,436 U.S. adults. But when the voter ID question was accompanied by a photo of black people using a voting machine, white support for voter ID laws jumped to 73 percent.

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Much Ado About None of Your Business

Much is being made in political circles about Kentucky Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes’ refusal to reveal who she voted for in the 2008 election for President.  So, what I’m confused about is when is your ‘secret’ ballot not secret?  Is she, as a candidate running to represent the good people (and the others) in Kentucky not entitled to the same rights as those who choose not to oppose Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell?  If the vote isn’t secret, why do we play hide-and-seek, wasting taxpayer funds providing partitioned booths to keep prying eyes off our paper ballots, or those ‘Wizard of Oz’ curtains on the voting machines if you’re not entitled to secrecy when exercising your right to vote?

Or, maybe the Republicans have it all figured out when they pass legislation designed to prevent you from voting in the first place.

Her choices in 2008 were for the Democrat, Barack Obama, or the Republican, John McCain. Last Friday, during an appearance on “Morning Joe,” Chuck Todd, the host of “Meet the Press” opined that Grimes had disqualified herself because of her evasive answer to the question of who she voted for in 2008.

I’m sure McConnell’s supporters would argue that a Grimes’ vote for President Obama proves she’s a liberal and shouldn’t be elected to represent Kentucky.  I would argue that a Grimes’ vote for McCain shows she’s an idiot and shouldn’t be trusted to represent anyone — making her, at least, McConnell’s equal.

Until Republicans finally accomplish their assault on voting rights for all but white men, Grimes is entitled to enter the voting booth without sharing with the world her choice for President of the United States.  The law protects that right for her and all other citizens.  If she decides to share her choice with the voters of Kentucky it’s okay with me.  If you ask me who I voted for, I’ll tell you — none of your damned business.

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Nothing (Racist) to See Here


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Louisiana Tilting Democratic

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In 2014, more Louisianans identify themselves as or lean Democratic (45%) than Republican (41%), a shift from the slight edge Republicans have held for past three years. The shift in party preferences is likely a welcome indicator for Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu as she attempts to win her fourth term in one of this year’s most highly watched U.S. Senate races.

Louisiana Partisan Preference

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Everything I Learned In High School Is (Apparently) Wrong


From the Washington Post article, Supreme Court rules 5-4 for Republican plan to limit early voting in Ohio.

The Supreme Court’s conservatives cleared the way Monday for Ohio to restrict early voting in the state, on the eve of the day it was to start.

The court granted the state’s request to stay decisions of lower courts that threw out the state’s new plan, passed by the Republican-led legislature. But the court’s four liberal justices said they would have stayed out of the case and left those decisions in place.

Ohio argued that the new plan — reducing from 35 to 28 the number of days voters could cast an early ballot — could not be seen as violating the rights of minority voters.

Civics classes emphasize the importance of voting. We were constantly reminded that voting was an important civic right that every American had a responsibility to perform. How could that be right? In the past 10 years, Republicans throughout the United States have made ever conceivable argument that voting rights should be restricted where minority voters have availed themselves of the option.

A summary, again, from the Washington Post:

There has been a long legal battle over voting in Ohio since 2004, when long election-day lines meant some Ohio residents actually missed the chance to vote.

When Democrats have run the legislature, they have passed laws that create extensive early voting opportunities, and Republicans have sought to trim those back when they have control.

Ahhh, now it all makes sense.

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(Hopefully) Makes You Think

From an article in the October 3, 2014 Newsweek, “Working-Class White Men Make Democrats Nervous,” we find the following:

In one survey, working-class men were given this choice for describing the poor:

A. they have a hard life;
B. an easy life.

Nationally, about 44 percent said the poor had it easy, and 47 percent said they had it hard. But among non college white men it was 56 percent easy and 30 percent hard.

When asked whether government should do more to solve national problems or leave more to individuals to decide, Americans overall split, 45 percent in favor of more government intervention to 51 percent against. By contrast, a full 62 percent of white working-class men said government should do less.

A large swath of American voters are and selfish, and Democrats have to find a way to deal with that if they want to remain in a position to help those who need the help.

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